Around the world and in my own backyard

Corn Hole for a Cause


Annual tournament 

Living in Mexico

Jan-Feb 2017


Forty days spent living in Mexico City was a fun adventure that allowed us to learn some spanish, work on my art, see friends, relax on the beach and have a few adventures.  


Traveling in Thailand

Nov 2016


Slow down, enjoy the food, take in some culture.



Sept 2014


A friend has a goal to visit every country in the world so I joined him as he visited Spain, Portugal and Morocco. 


Climbing Mt. Hood

July 2013


That haven't been documented here yet....

Lots of adventures


June - Dec 2008


Get a job right out of college or go on adventure? I was fortunate enough to combine the two as an event marketer for Crocs. I drove a truck around the USA to marathons and triathlons, talking about the benefits of Crocs for workout recovery and had lots of fun excursions along the way. Read more about my adventures in truck driving and event marketing here.