I am a tinkerer, maker, designer and chef. Here are a few of my recent creations.


Hard Cider

Making hard cider is a lot of work. Luckily the results are usually delicious. 

I've been making hard cider with my partner for the past three years. It has turned into a fun hobby that we can share with family and friends. We often host pressing parties in the fall where we press a bin full of apples into 50-60 gallons of cider. Once we have the juice we ferment it in large food grade buckets, keg it and then bottle it. 

Purses and clothing

Do you remember learning how to sew? I don't. I remember my mom making us halloween costumes and some awful 90's vests (sorry mom), but I don't know when or how I learned to use a sewing machine. I'm thankful I can though! Inspiration strikes about once a month to create something new for myself or a friend. 

Before our trip to Thailand I knew I wanted a purse that would be great for traveling - namely light weight, with a zipper closure to deter any pick pockets and with a cross body strap - so I made one for myself. After thoroughly testing my creation throughout Thailand and Mexico I've decided that it is a great design and want to share it. I'll be opening an Etsy shop soon with the bag for purchase - stay tuned!



Side tables

I have wanted to join ADX for a year or two now. I had taken a class in an industrial sewing there before, but in October I decided that I wanted to do more wood working. I got a month membership and started spending my new free time making things out of wood. I started with cutting boards and side tables. 

I learned that wood joints are hard to learn. I still have a long way to go before I can confidently say I've got it down, but three side tables later and I've definitely made some progress. 


For the past year I've been teaching myself how to paint. I started with a class at Radius Studios in Portland, OR and then moved to online classes. I found the to be the most helpful. Skillshare is another great resource for learning how to draw and paint in different styles and mediums. 

The best part of learning how to paint has been the change in my perspective. I see light and dark, color values and shadows so differently now. I love it.